19 friends showed up for our Fall Garden Workday!  We worked for more than 3 hours, and our friends from Apopka, Winter Park, Ocoee, Orlando, St. Augustine, and several towns in between gave generously of their time, energy and great ideas to get the fall garden in the ground and the chicken run built, so we can also provide shelters with fresh, organic eggs!    



Raised beds with ground cloth on them before we started...ground cloth contains heat, which we hope will kill harmful pests, such as nematodes 

Beth and Jay straighten out poultry wire to stretch over beds to help deter animals .  Canopies will also serve to hold row cover freeze cloth when temps fall during winter.


Nancy and Peeker are planting carrots and red and white onion bulbs, then everything gets covered in hay to deter weeds and hold in moisture. 


The back garden, at a distance...just putting the canopies up over the 5 filled beds! 


 Just 2 weeks after our workday, this is the bed at the far left...collards and lettuces!

The Orlando Chrome Divas, once again, came to help!!!!! 

After topping off the beds with more compost, depending on the plant, we either plant randomly or plant in rows and build climbing wires under canopies for crops like tomatoes.  Either way, we put worm casting manure ( from Our Vital Earth) in before setting the plants/seeds.   Seeds are soaked in worm tea before planting to speed up germination.

Keri and Peeker are planting broccoli seeds. 

Chris  just finished planting a bed of lettuce.

Voila!  We planted squash, broccoli, lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, onions, tomatoes, and collards!  We'll stagger some of the crops, such as lettuce and collards, so we'll continue to harvest throughout the winter. 

This is the 3rd bed from the left, just 2 weeks after  our workday!  Squash blossoms!

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