Brownies giving back for charity! 

 This is what "Leadership" looks like

Saving the planet one clean garden at a time 

 Marigold thinks our tractor's sexy

"Eat more, Chicken." 

Beauty at sunrise November 21,2011 

Inspector Olive

Our beloved Toots...all too suddenly gone 

There's room for everyone! 


Inside the chicken run 

There MUST be something in here!

Plenty of clean water 

Pants and sleeves are rolled up, and she's ready to work! 

No one's too small to make a big difference! 

Company, our sweet rescue

Buttercup is in "time out" 

Ned says, "I've got this, Libby...fall back." 

Sunrise at Grow Green Farm 

Libby, Casino J. and Olive at trough 

Charlotte's web

5 of our 10 hens ranging 

Georgia 9-11-2011  

Keri from The Orlando Chrome Divas 

Rhonda surveying her domain 

Libby in the pasture 

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